Matt Weisbecker
Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Matt Weisbecker and I specialize in a variety of media types including Audio Production, Graphic Design and Photography. Currently, I am a graphic design intern for Insinger Machine Company, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
My experience with media started out in college, as I really had no clue what I wanted to do once I got to Shippensburg. In high school, I always was set on becoming an engineer, but eventually I decided that wasn't for me, so I moved on. I joined WSYC my Sophomore year, with my first show being Movie Mornings: a one hour show where I talked about movie news, box office numbers and more. Despite not knowing much about radio and also being a nervous wreck on-air, I stuck with it. After that I moved to an 8-10 PM time slot and renamed the show to The After Hours Show where I took a broader look at the entertainment industry as a whole.
In addition to radio, I have also worked in online media, including graphic design, video production, website design and photography. My work at The Slate mostly includes website optimization and uploading news stories, but I also look for creative ways to innovate and improve on what is already great in when it comes to digital media. 
Interning at Insinger has given me great insight into what it takes to be a graphic designer. During my time, I have created new logos, designed product catalog pages and made sample web pages. Video work has also been a part of it, as I was given the opportunity to create a video highlighting a brand new product. The time spent at Insinger has not only been great, but has also given me a ton of valuable experience in the field. 
If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to visit my contact page! Thank you for reading and have fun exploring the site!